I’m Gettin’ Out of the Box..Comin’ With Me?

“What box?” you say.  The BOX that we all have agreed to live in bounded by the bad news and fear mongering and idiotic decision-making of the politicos and media in our country.

I know there has to be some kind of plan behind it all. There just aren’t that many really stupid people that continue to make blunders and oopsies that result in devastating consequences. Some of these I refer to are: “oops, so sorry I missed that deadly ingredient in Chinese made toys!” , “oops, we are 14 trillion in debt – gee how did that happen? ..don’t look at me!”, “oops, we just can’t quite seem to end the war in Afghanistan, sorry, we are working on it!”, “oops, we just didn’t have time to test out that vaccine, so sorry about the horrific side effects!” , “oops, there is an inexpensive, natural cure for cancer? wow, we didn’t know, sorry!” “oops, sorry about the liver and kidney destruction from that drug! so sorry” and so on and on….

In spite of all of the above incredulous occurrences, there has to be a way we can do something about it without violence and without war.

And I think there is.. its called flourish and prosper. Just keep on doubling and tripling your advertising, marketing, and out-reach! Instead of flinching and shrinking back into a hole, get aggressive with your life, get out there and be seen and be heard! Support positive actions and ignore the moronic ones. The very best thing to do is just keep on leading a triumphant life and last but not least, BE AWARE!  Be vigilant and support political candidates that have a truly Constitutionally based viewpoint. Elect out of office those that have sold their souls to the devil; those who have compromised their integrity and live the life of sheep who follow those with the power instead of those with true strength.

Constant vigilence and constant prosperity -these are the ingredients to a fulfiling  life with a promise for the future generations that we upheld our Constituional rights and didn’t let them down.  Don’t get mad…get effective. Get out there and open your eyes. Get out of that box and give a hand up to others. Its your responsibility and crusade to do so.

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