Be Deaf When Someone Says You Can’t! by Grant Cardone

The buzz is all about the economy, where do we stand, and how to survive through these tough times. Because this topic is on the top of everyone’s minds, I am doing a series of articles based on the information in Grant Cardone’s book, “If You’re Not First, You’re Last”. Recently featured on the New York Times Best Seller list, it is no wonder this book is a hit! I recently had the great privilege of interviewing Grant Cardone on Help-2-Succeed’s Blog Talk Radio Show. What a ride! He is the foremost example of the best of the best in sales and survival of the fittest in business! In his book, he gives a step by step pathway to prosperity in tough times, no fail. It is the best example of a common sense attack on the obstacles facing us in today’s economy.
In interviewing him, we went over a number of key concepts and one really important factor that one has to keep in mind is that you may be surrounded by people who will counter your initiative with “how bad it all is” and “it can’t be done” and “you can’t mess with fate” types. He actually names the four different types of responses people have during economic contractions: 1. The Cheerleader Response: “I refuse to participate!” 2. The Old-School Response: “Nothing really has changed; let’s just get back to the basics.” 3. The Quitter Response: “There is nothing I can do, I just have to wait it out.” and 4. Advance and Conquer: “Every resource you have goes to advance and conquer while others contract and retreat.” ( I kind of favor the last one!)  So just in a nutshell, recognizing that we all fit into one of these four categories, we can spot it and change it to the operating basis that fits our future goals! We can use the data to  recognize these categories in dealing with business partners, family, friends and customers.

The above four categories are listed in the book and are each expanded upon to fully define them. Then the book shows you how to take the Advance and Conquer approach with exercises to make you think with the data so you can apply it. It is brilliant!

Just to polish off this topic I am going to post (as Grant suggested I do) his ode  at the end of the book regarding people who try to get in your way or stop you:

“Be Deaf when Someone Says You Can’t!” by Grant Cardone

Be deaf when someone says you cannot do it!

Be deaf when someone says it is impossible!

Be deaf when anyone tries to put limits on you!

For these people who make efforts to limit you and suggest that  you cannot fulfill your dreams are dangerous people.

These people have given up on their dreams and seek to convince you to do the same.

And do not be confused by them when they suggest that they are only trying to help you!

Help is not what they offer.

What they really seek to do is have you join the ranks of slaves, the apathetic, and the hopeless.

Be deaf to all of them!

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