Grant Cardone and the Shrinking Middle Class


GRANT CARDONE is an International Sales Expert and author. Recently he spoke with TV’s Colleen Williams about the Shrinking Middle Class.

Nearly one-third of Americans dropped from the middle class in 2010. The middle class is shrinking and its former members are delegated to one of two categories: Rich or Poor! And it will only get worse unless you take matters into your own hands. YOU are the one that can change the course of your destiny! It’s not the government or fate or circumstances, its you.

At no time in history has the opportunity to be successful and prosperous been more available to those who KNOW what to do to achieve it! The secrets are out, the doors wide open, beckoning to take advantage of this time, this place, this planet, right NOW.

So the question is, do YOU know what you need to do to move up into the ranks of the rich?

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