It’s Time To Publish That Book!

The Information Age has accelerated to a fever pitch and with it the demand for cutting edge publishing options and solutions. With hundreds of new ways to garner data about any subject on earth, our thirst for knowledge is exponentially greater now than at any other time in history. The more you know the more you want to know; curiosity can even be built into obsession!

You have THAT book, you know, the one you wrote a few years back about your experiences in Viet Nam. Or the one that has all the secret recipes from your family that dates back to Europe in the 1700’s, or the one that is still in your head wrangling to step out onto the written or digital page. Its your book. Its your life. Its what you want to say to your fellow man. Or even just to your family. If you could just be heard, just this once, your life would be complete.

Or maybe its not all that esoteric. Maybe its a manual on how to build a barn, or how you lost all that weight. Simple stuff. But it needs to be said and people need to know about it. Its your contribution to the knowledge of the world; to the knowledge of mankind. Its your help and its from your heart.

It could even be a story; something you need to say cloaked in the guise of a tale of fictional characters, acting out the message from your creative mind. Your creative mind is endless, incomparable and must lead the human race in a crusade to goodness. Its your way of contributing to its onward motion. Or it could be a dark tale. One of evil and treachery to entertain those who thirst for more wrenching times.

Amongst the newest forms of creative communication are videos, e-books, voice recordings and many other electronic means of getting your message out. All of these forms of communication need to be distributed in the most efficient and prosperous manner possible and that comes under the heading of publishing.

A publisher takes your work, packages it most aesthetically and appropriately as possible and then spreads its sphere of influence out into the vast infinite sea of other published works to make it known, valued and appreciated.  Appreciation is shown in the purchasing and support of the work. Then you create the next chapter or phase or idea and the cycle starts all over again.

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