“I Can’t Sell….”

I know, you can’t sell. You hate selling and its the LAST thing you would do in picking a career or a job description. You have never been good at it, you have failed miserably, been embarrassed and generally just sworn it all off for good. OK.

Now that we have that fact firmly established, how about a weird little known fact about selling that could possibly give you more control of your whole life?

Here it is – as spoken by Grant Cardone, New York Times best-selling author: “Your ability or inability to sell, persuade, negotiate, and convince others affects every single area of your life and it will, by itself, determine how well you survive. Selling is used every day by every person on this planet and no one is excluded. Selling is not a job or career. Selling is a way of life.”

Shocking isn’t it? Well think about it. When you were a kid and you wanted to go out and play and your mom said no, did you just give up? I bet you didn’t! I bet you approached her with a new idea about why it would be great for her to let you get outside for awhile! Like, “Mom if you let me go out, then you can get your work done better without me bothering you!”  She reconsiders and she lets you go.  YOU JUST MADE THE SALE!

Even if you have, since then, had a lot of failures to sell people on yourself, your ideas, your products, you CAN learn the basics of selling and create a whole new viewpoint on how you can get what you want in life!

“Selling is the pre-requisite for all the success you are going to create in your life no matter what you do.” Grant Cardone.

Buy and read Grant’s book, “Sell or Be Sold” !


Do You Fake It? The Secret of Sincerity in Business and in Life

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Internet community has exponentially exploded the availability of new potential relationships to be had in business and in life. Do you know the secret to successfully creating meaningful, lasting, and in some cases lucrative, relationships with people halfway across the world?

People are basically the same everywhere. Everyone wants to be happy, to contribute and to be acknowledged for their accomplishments, and to make a good living along the way. Only a small percentage of people crave something less noble.

So the big question you ask yourself is: How do I create a network of mutually assistive friends, colleagues and partners using the internet?

Grand Canyon view - most people want happiness and abundance
Grand Canyon view - most people want happiness and abundance

The goal is to create a data base of people who know and respect you in your field(s) of expertise, follow your lead and involve themselves in your endeavors. The result is that everybody wins and prospers from the relationships you create. From these relationships leaders are cultivated and the process continues to expand. That is the ideal scene, right? How can you accomplish this?

Think about it.  A very wise sculptor and artist (John T. Unger) once pointed out to me that it is really impossible to create relationships with more than about 2000 people in a lifetime. When it comes to business, how many more can you create that will actually come back to you for advice, products, to refer people and to just generally stay in touch? 3000? 4000? How hard is it to constantly cultivate new customers because you failed to create a meaningful relationship with the ones you had? How much money and time do you spend trying to push your agenda on “millions” of people, so you can get your .01% of return on your ad dollar?

The main characteristic is to CARE about people.  Take the TIME to make sure they get you. Find out what they need that you can give, and give in abundance. Don’t be afraid, at times, to give your time and products for free if it is warranted. Never give the idea that someone is expendable. Show your intention that you want to help people and prove that in your actions, week after week. Be sincere and be real.

Real and heart-felt sincerity is the key to creation of these relationships. Feel it, don’t fake it. Be real, care about your fellow man. I am talking about caring enough to believe in him, not some sappy sympathy toward him. Respect him and you will win.



I’m Gettin’ Out of the Box..Comin’ With Me?

“What box?” you say.  The BOX that we all have agreed to live in bounded by the bad news and fear mongering and idiotic decision-making of the politicos and media in our country.

I know there has to be some kind of plan behind it all. There just aren’t that many really stupid people that continue to make blunders and oopsies that result in devastating consequences. Some of these I refer to are: “oops, so sorry I missed that deadly ingredient in Chinese made toys!” , “oops, we are 14 trillion in debt – gee how did that happen? ..don’t look at me!”, “oops, we just can’t quite seem to end the war in Afghanistan, sorry, we are working on it!”, “oops, we just didn’t have time to test out that vaccine, so sorry about the horrific side effects!” , “oops, there is an inexpensive, natural cure for cancer? wow, we didn’t know, sorry!” “oops, sorry about the liver and kidney destruction from that drug! so sorry” and so on and on….

In spite of all of the above incredulous occurrences, there has to be a way we can do something about it without violence and without war.

And I think there is.. its called flourish and prosper. Just keep on doubling and tripling your advertising, marketing, and out-reach! Instead of flinching and shrinking back into a hole, get aggressive with your life, get out there and be seen and be heard! Support positive actions and ignore the moronic ones. The very best thing to do is just keep on leading a triumphant life and last but not least, BE AWARE!  Be vigilant and support political candidates that have a truly Constitutionally based viewpoint. Elect out of office those that have sold their souls to the devil; those who have compromised their integrity and live the life of sheep who follow those with the power instead of those with true strength.

Constant vigilence and constant prosperity -these are the ingredients to a fulfiling  life with a promise for the future generations that we upheld our Constituional rights and didn’t let them down.  Don’t get mad…get effective. Get out there and open your eyes. Get out of that box and give a hand up to others. Its your responsibility and crusade to do so.