“Success is your DUTY” – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, trainer and consultant to top business people on the planet has some definite ideas about success!  He says: “One of the greatest turning points in my life occurred when I stopped casually waiting for success, and instead started to approach it as a duty, obligation, and responsibility. I literally began to see success as an ethical issue; a DUTY to my family, company and future, rather than as something that may or may not happen to me.  I spent 17 years getting a formal education that was to prepare me for the world — and not one course was on success.  Not once did anyone talk to me about the importance of success, much less what I had to do to get it.  Amazing!  Years of education, information, hundreds of books, time in class, and money; yet I was still missing the purpose. “

He goes on to say, “Most people approach success in the same way that I did when I was 25 years old. They look at it as though it doesn’t matter — like it’s an option or perhaps just something that only happens to other people. Treating success as an option is one of the major reasons why people don’t create it for themselves — and why most people don’t even get close to living up to their full potential. Ask yourself how close you are to your full capability—you might not like the answer very much. If you don’t consider it your duty to live up to your potential, then you simply won’t. If it doesn’t become an ethical issue for you, then you won’t feel obligated and driven to fulfill your aptitude.  People don’t approach the creation of success as a must-have obligation, do-or-die mission, gotta-have-it, “hungry-dog-on-back-of-meat-truck” mentality, and then spend the rest of their lives making excuses for why they didn’t get it.  This is exactly what happens when you consider success to be an alternative rather than an obligation You have to approach the notion of success the way a good parent approaches their duty to their children—it’s an honor, an obligation, and a priority.  A good parent will do whatever it takes to take care of their children. He or she will get up in the middle of the night to feed a baby, work as hard as they can to clothe and feed them, fight for them, even put their lives at risk to protect them. This is the same way you must envision success.  A great person will do WHATEVER it takes to create SUCCESS for themselves, their family, their business, and the world.

If you are going to survive at all in today’s economy with all of the opposing factors facing you and the survival of your own, you are going to have to learn how to take the above advice and implement it.

Buy and read Grant Cardone’s book, “Sell or Be Sold”.




“I Can’t Sell….”

I know, you can’t sell. You hate selling and its the LAST thing you would do in picking a career or a job description. You have never been good at it, you have failed miserably, been embarrassed and generally just sworn it all off for good. OK.

Now that we have that fact firmly established, how about a weird little known fact about selling that could possibly give you more control of your whole life?

Here it is – as spoken by Grant Cardone, New York Times best-selling author: “Your ability or inability to sell, persuade, negotiate, and convince others affects every single area of your life and it will, by itself, determine how well you survive. Selling is used every day by every person on this planet and no one is excluded. Selling is not a job or career. Selling is a way of life.”

Shocking isn’t it? Well think about it. When you were a kid and you wanted to go out and play and your mom said no, did you just give up? I bet you didn’t! I bet you approached her with a new idea about why it would be great for her to let you get outside for awhile! Like, “Mom if you let me go out, then you can get your work done better without me bothering you!”  She reconsiders and she lets you go.  YOU JUST MADE THE SALE!

Even if you have, since then, had a lot of failures to sell people on yourself, your ideas, your products, you CAN learn the basics of selling and create a whole new viewpoint on how you can get what you want in life!

“Selling is the pre-requisite for all the success you are going to create in your life no matter what you do.” Grant Cardone.

Buy and read Grant’s book, “Sell or Be Sold” !


Be Deaf When Someone Says You Can’t! by Grant Cardone

The buzz is all about the economy, where do we stand, and how to survive through these tough times. Because this topic is on the top of everyone’s minds, I am doing a series of articles based on the information in Grant Cardone’s book, “If You’re Not First, You’re Last”. Recently featured on the New York Times Best Seller list, it is no wonder this book is a hit! I recently had the great privilege of interviewing Grant Cardone on Help-2-Succeed’s Blog Talk Radio Show. What a ride! He is the foremost example of the best of the best in sales and survival of the fittest in business! In his book, he gives a step by step pathway to prosperity in tough times, no fail. It is the best example of a common sense attack on the obstacles facing us in today’s economy.
In interviewing him, we went over a number of key concepts and one really important factor that one has to keep in mind is that you may be surrounded by people who will counter your initiative with “how bad it all is” and “it can’t be done” and “you can’t mess with fate” types. He actually names the four different types of responses people have during economic contractions: 1. The Cheerleader Response: “I refuse to participate!” 2. The Old-School Response: “Nothing really has changed; let’s just get back to the basics.” 3. The Quitter Response: “There is nothing I can do, I just have to wait it out.” and 4. Advance and Conquer: “Every resource you have goes to advance and conquer while others contract and retreat.” ( I kind of favor the last one!)  So just in a nutshell, recognizing that we all fit into one of these four categories, we can spot it and change it to the operating basis that fits our future goals! We can use the data to  recognize these categories in dealing with business partners, family, friends and customers.

The above four categories are listed in the book and are each expanded upon to fully define them. Then the book shows you how to take the Advance and Conquer approach with exercises to make you think with the data so you can apply it. It is brilliant!

Just to polish off this topic I am going to post (as Grant suggested I do) his ode  at the end of the book regarding people who try to get in your way or stop you:

“Be Deaf when Someone Says You Can’t!” by Grant Cardone

Be deaf when someone says you cannot do it!

Be deaf when someone says it is impossible!

Be deaf when anyone tries to put limits on you!

For these people who make efforts to limit you and suggest that  you cannot fulfill your dreams are dangerous people.

These people have given up on their dreams and seek to convince you to do the same.

And do not be confused by them when they suggest that they are only trying to help you!

Help is not what they offer.

What they really seek to do is have you join the ranks of slaves, the apathetic, and the hopeless.

Be deaf to all of them!

“Doom and Gloom is the Time to Boom”!

“If You’re Not First You’re Last” is the book I just read by New York Times Best-Selling Author and multi-millionaire Grant Cardone. What insight into today’s economy and how to prosper in spite of the downturn! He doesn’t sugar-coat the state of the world, he states the truth: “Over 10 percent of the workforce is unemployed. In some locations, that number already exceeds 15 percent and is still climbing. These statistics are frightening in their own right and negatively impact those who can’t find work. Add to that the financial damage caused by fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and lack of confidence, which can be more devastating than the facts themselves. Auto sales are off by almost 40 percent, retail sales are hitting lows not seen in 25 years, foreclousres are hitting historical highs, massive amounts of wealth equity have disappeared with the downturn in houseing prices, people have seen their 401(k)’s cut in half, banks are failing at alarming rates and credit is being frozen. Positive saying and optimistic attitudes alone will not get us through this.”

He wrote this book as a wake-up call to all of us who operate in “business as usual” mode, thinking that we just need to ride it out. NO! As he says, we are in a completely different economic situation than we were even 18 months ago.  In his book he lists out 4 different types of responses to the economic downturn, and I guarantee you will find yourself there! I decided to take on category #4, “Advance and Conquer”. This category acknowledges the market is different now, it has more challenges and definitely “requires a unique sense of energy, work ethic, mind-set and actions.” This book is not about philosophizing though. It is about ACTION and it gives you step-by-step actions to take to use the economic devastation to boom your business!

I am going to propose something that you might not take a second look at in times of prosperity, when all you had to do was get up and go to work to survive. Now these times call for uncommon actions and pushing back harder at the suppression than it pushes on you. Disagree with what you consider “normal” and within your social boundaries. Grant Cardone says in his book ” You won’t find it easy to execute these business techniques at first because you are doing something new….The discomforts you experience now may well guarantee that you’ll be comfortable in the future… Tough economies are not “normal” times, so stop worrying about being normal…Be outrageous in your thinking, relentless in your execution, and unreasonable in your actions and you too will advance and conquer.”


And last but not least, if you are interested in more of this “over the ramparts” charge at handling your own “economy” read Grant Cardone’s book, “If You’re Not First, You’re Last”. Check out http://www.firstorlastbook.com/ and also you can listen to an interview I did with him just last week at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/help-2-succeed  and scroll down to his featured episode.