I am a creator. I love photography, art, and writing. These are what I do but it is not an exhaustive list. 

I love to help and there is no greater pleasure than to help someone, even if it just the little things or great big ones, it is always a pleasure to help. I realize that pleasure is selfish. It makes the helped person do better, feel better, but it also makes me feel good too. 

When I sat down to write about me I didn't want to put the same old laundered list of facts to bore everyone to death. Oh yeah, she's a blah blah blah ba blah. Whoopee. 

I am getting older and I am in quite uncharted territory. I see the wrinkles starting to form around my mouth and they look foreign to me – 'Who is that person?' Certainly not the young, vibrant, charge-against-life person that I always have perceived myself to be, at least on the outside. I am still ME on the inside. I haven't changed a bit except to be wiser. Some people say, 'Those wrinkles are my badges.' Well, I would rather not be decorated, thank you. Nobody wants wrinkles I don't care what they say. 

Aging has the unique effect of making one realize that this life can come to an end at some point. Whenever I think about that, I get more desperate to get the things done that I always knew I would do. I want to be the things I always knew I could be. In some ways, they will never happen. I will never be a famous singer or athlete. Besides the 'famous' goal is also a thin and hollow goal (and if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I want to sell you.)  

I wanted to take a year and travel the world in luxury. Then I wanted to take another year to travel the same world on a shoestring, with no money, just vagabonding around, doing small jobs for food and a roof. Romantic but not very real at this age. 

I wanted to do something really different with my life, like go be a 


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