“I Can’t Sell….”

I know, you can’t sell. You hate selling and its the LAST thing you would do in picking a career or a job description. You have never been good at it, you have failed miserably, been embarrassed and generally just sworn it all off for good. OK.

Now that we have that fact firmly established, how about a weird little known fact about selling that could possibly give you more control of your whole life?

Here it is – as spoken by Grant Cardone, New York Times best-selling author: “Your ability or inability to sell, persuade, negotiate, and convince others affects every single area of your life and it will, by itself, determine how well you survive. Selling is used every day by every person on this planet and no one is excluded. Selling is not a job or career. Selling is a way of life.”

Shocking isn’t it? Well think about it. When you were a kid and you wanted to go out and play and your mom said no, did you just give up? I bet you didn’t! I bet you approached her with a new idea about why it would be great for her to let you get outside for awhile! Like, “Mom if you let me go out, then you can get your work done better without me bothering you!”  She reconsiders and she lets you go.  YOU JUST MADE THE SALE!

Even if you have, since then, had a lot of failures to sell people on yourself, your ideas, your products, you CAN learn the basics of selling and create a whole new viewpoint on how you can get what you want in life!

“Selling is the pre-requisite for all the success you are going to create in your life no matter what you do.” Grant Cardone.

Buy and read Grant’s book, “Sell or Be Sold” !


“Doom and Gloom is the Time to Boom”!

“If You’re Not First You’re Last” is the book I just read by New York Times Best-Selling Author and multi-millionaire Grant Cardone. What insight into today’s economy and how to prosper in spite of the downturn! He doesn’t sugar-coat the state of the world, he states the truth: “Over 10 percent of the workforce is unemployed. In some locations, that number already exceeds 15 percent and is still climbing. These statistics are frightening in their own right and negatively impact those who can’t find work. Add to that the financial damage caused by fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and lack of confidence, which can be more devastating than the facts themselves. Auto sales are off by almost 40 percent, retail sales are hitting lows not seen in 25 years, foreclousres are hitting historical highs, massive amounts of wealth equity have disappeared with the downturn in houseing prices, people have seen their 401(k)’s cut in half, banks are failing at alarming rates and credit is being frozen. Positive saying and optimistic attitudes alone will not get us through this.”

He wrote this book as a wake-up call to all of us who operate in “business as usual” mode, thinking that we just need to ride it out. NO! As he says, we are in a completely different economic situation than we were even 18 months ago.  In his book he lists out 4 different types of responses to the economic downturn, and I guarantee you will find yourself there! I decided to take on category #4, “Advance and Conquer”. This category acknowledges the market is different now, it has more challenges and definitely “requires a unique sense of energy, work ethic, mind-set and actions.” This book is not about philosophizing though. It is about ACTION and it gives you step-by-step actions to take to use the economic devastation to boom your business!

I am going to propose something that you might not take a second look at in times of prosperity, when all you had to do was get up and go to work to survive. Now these times call for uncommon actions and pushing back harder at the suppression than it pushes on you. Disagree with what you consider “normal” and within your social boundaries. Grant Cardone says in his book ” You won’t find it easy to execute these business techniques at first because you are doing something new….The discomforts you experience now may well guarantee that you’ll be comfortable in the future… Tough economies are not “normal” times, so stop worrying about being normal…Be outrageous in your thinking, relentless in your execution, and unreasonable in your actions and you too will advance and conquer.”


And last but not least, if you are interested in more of this “over the ramparts” charge at handling your own “economy” read Grant Cardone’s book, “If You’re Not First, You’re Last”. Check out http://www.firstorlastbook.com/ and also you can listen to an interview I did with him just last week at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/help-2-succeed  and scroll down to his featured episode.