“I Can’t Sell….”

I know, you can’t sell. You hate selling and its the LAST thing you would do in picking a career or a job description. You have never been good at it, you have failed miserably, been embarrassed and generally just sworn it all off for good. OK.

Now that we have that fact firmly established, how about a weird little known fact about selling that could possibly give you more control of your whole life?

Here it is – as spoken by Grant Cardone, New York Times best-selling author: “Your ability or inability to sell, persuade, negotiate, and convince others affects every single area of your life and it will, by itself, determine how well you survive. Selling is used every day by every person on this planet and no one is excluded. Selling is not a job or career. Selling is a way of life.”

Shocking isn’t it? Well think about it. When you were a kid and you wanted to go out and play and your mom said no, did you just give up? I bet you didn’t! I bet you approached her with a new idea about why it would be great for her to let you get outside for awhile! Like, “Mom if you let me go out, then you can get your work done better without me bothering you!”  She reconsiders and she lets you go.  YOU JUST MADE THE SALE!

Even if you have, since then, had a lot of failures to sell people on yourself, your ideas, your products, you CAN learn the basics of selling and create a whole new viewpoint on how you can get what you want in life!

“Selling is the pre-requisite for all the success you are going to create in your life no matter what you do.” Grant Cardone.

Buy and read Grant’s book, “Sell or Be Sold” !