PhotoArt: Wistful – Sharon Beth 2013

I am an entrepreneur and an photo artist.

I love my freedom and the ability to create on my own time clock! That means I can work 16 hours a day if I like and sometimes do!

I am intensely interested in businesses that require creativity along with dedication and commitment to excellence. I have created three such businesses myself and am always learning new ways to maximize the success of these businesses using my keen interest in all things entrepreneurial!

 One truth – one only prospers to the degree he can lift others to prosperity.

My love of photography for over 30 years has sustained my creative instincts and now the internet affords me the way I can promote my work on a world wide basis, so check out my other blog at http://www.sharonbeth.com  and my portfolio at http://www.images.sharonbeth.com. Real estate and architectural photography: www.magalli.net

Recently I have created another business selling products on Amazon. I am excited about this new endeavor and will be putting up a website and information about this soon!

My home is in the beautiful Semiahmoo area of the city of Blaine in north western Washington.

Sharon teeth 2012 sm3

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